AMEX Gold: 306613
AMEX Platinum: 211762 (Hertz Rep just gave me code)
ABA: 13000
E-Rewards: 1475777 (CDP rates tend to be high)

Hertz CDP# 1813168 (Car & Truck) – gave me the best rental deal

CDP 1757580 works the best with Hertz car rental. It just saved me 35%.

1757580 I coming up better for me, people should try both to get the best rate, cheaper by $100 on a weekly rental.

Just got this code from my “Flying Blue” KLM/Air France frequent flyer program:

“CDP 736660 – 15% discount all year round, world-wide”

Get up to 30% off any daily, weekly, or weekend rate with hertz rental car
at Hertz using coupon code CDP# 2005781

Try CDP 1820770 with PC# 177166 – 20% off rate plus $40 off weekly..

I received $100 off on my rental using CDP# 1813168

PC#175221 – save $25 on a weekly rental
PC#175232- save $15 on week end rental
PC#175210- One car class upgrade

Using 1911795: rate $43.00/day and also includes Loss Damage Waiver!

Cdp #1910304
BIG SAVINGS code. up to 40% off daily rental rate. I’ve averaged between 20 and 30%

CDP 1927992 gave me 160+40 off with Pc code at HLE for a week plus discounted LDW. Nice.

Hertz #1 Club Gold® membership is FREE to IBM Employees.

For your business rentals, please click on “Rates and Reservations” on the left button. The IBM corporate discount code (CDP # 40000) will automatically be applied to your reservations.

For your personal rental, “Hertz Getaway” is just perfect. IBM employees can get up to 20% discount on your leisure rates. Your employee discount code (CDP # 1859849) is pre-generated when you make reservations.